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Founded in 2017 with the singular goal of distributing the latest innovations in medical technology, Nexopro has long since emphasized its vision of empowering and enabling the success of the Gulf’s leading medical institutions. 

Innovative Mindset

At Nexopro, we stay up to date with the developments of modern science and Information technology. We equip ourselves with tools such as AI-assisted diagnostics and imaging in order to modernize our approach to healthcare systems and data analytics.  


Nexopro has so far worked out deals and partnerships with healthcare providers in Kuwait, UAE, Saudia Arabia, and Qatar. We have also partnered with medical device companies from across the world such as Synapse Biomedical and Flexdex Surgical. 

Client-first Approach

With exceptional dedication towards providing heightened healthcare service to patients across the region, Nexopro has grown to epitomize the qualities of knowledge and professionalism. We are committed to understanding and meeting your expectations and would be happy to aid you in determining the best technological device for your specific needs.

Healthcare Network

Nexopro has grown its network since its inception. Currently, the company boasts connections to healthcare professionals of all kinds, hospitals in all parts of the Gulf, and companies with cutting-edge medical research from all around the globe.

If you would like to get in touch with us please do not hesitate to fill out our contact form and we will get back to you within a few business days!




The Optimal surgeon-powered articulated needle driver.



Synapse Biomedical

Designed for the prevention and treatment of Ventilator Induced Diaphragm Dysfunction



Synapse Biomedical

Minimally invasive surgically implanted device for ALS patients

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